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We welcome you to join the Jentech family!!  Our recruitment procedure and job openings are as following:


1. Search Jobs and Apply

Please go to HOT JOB OPENING to know the suitable job opening and click I want to  apply to submit resume.

2. Resume Screening

According the qualification of the position applied the preliminary screening shall be done.  Phone calls and mails shall be sent to the suitable applicants to arrange the interview.

If we do not have the suitable job openings for you as of now, we will still put your personal information in our human resource data.  In the future, if we have job opening for you, we will contact you

3. Interview

Before interview, we require logic, English or other related occupational tests based on the position applied.

During the interview, you shall have an interview with an supervisor; at the same time, you have know better about the job content and Jentech.

4. Offer

After the interview, we will gather all the interview records and the decision of acceptances from the supervisors. Through phone calls/ mails, we will congratulate you on getting the job and send a official acceptance notification by email.  By then, please expect yourself to create ultimate possibility in Jentech.

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