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''Focus on your core business while Jentech handles the manufacturing details.''


Being ISO registered and TS 16949 compliant at our stamping, molding, and assembly facilities, Jentech can serve a variety of companies in the consumer, automotive, semiconductor, interconnect, and electronic industries. Whether you purchase our stamped components, molded components, or completed manufactured assemblies, you can rely on Jentech as your “single-source” solution provider to best meet your needs.


  • Spot welding, Riveting, Reflow soldering, and adhesive dispensing.

  • High volume assembly in China for Tuner, RF connector, and Battery Cap.

  • Jentech will manage your entire project by not only providing the metal stamped or plastic injection molded parts, but also the services to assemble the final components.

  • When we design and manufacture your metal and plastic parts, we have knowledge of how they must go together we can then provide quick and maximum quality using high speed automated lines or manual assembly systems.

  • Assembly can also include soldering, packaging or other secondary operations and can be integrated with conventional production machinery such as stamping presses or molding machines.

  • Our stringent process controls include in-process visual inspection systems to ensure that we maintain the critical requirements common to the electronics world.

  • In addition, Jentech provides customers with products in a variety of packages including tape, reel, and trays designed to meet each customer’s needs to reduce costs during the next levels of assembly.


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