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Ceramic substrate is a kind of circuit board. It has high capability in heat resistance and similar thermal expansion coefficient to semiconductor. It is suitable for high-power products such as high brightness LED and solar energy, also suitable for worse outdoor environment due to its excellent performance in weathering resistance. Because of the characteristics for good chemical stability also it is innocuous and lead-free, it won’t be harmful for environmental protection. Therefore, ceramic substrate becomes more universal and common in the world.


  • The main metallization technologies for ceramic materials are DBC (Direct Bonded Copper) and DPC (Direct Plated Copper). However, DBC is now inadequate due to the size reduction in using components and more requests in precision of size. Therefore, DPC becomes the main ceramic metallized technology instead of DBC and gets more and more attention.

  • To provide customers higher and higher quality in ceramic substrate products, Jentech has been paying lots of time and cost in research and innovation for enhancing DPC technology.

  • Classification for ceramic substrate manufacturing process:

The ceramic substrate manufacturing process is devided into below four parts based on the circuits:

  1. DPC Thin-Film:This is the main force of Jentech and Jetench provides various of products from this technology.

  2. Thick film

  3. HTCC

  4. LTCC

Jentech Service and Capability:

1.DPC/Thin Film ceramic substrate design and manufacturing

2.Customized and High-Power LED ceramic substrates

3.Ceramic circuit board for any drawing



  1. High Power LED ceramic substrate

  2. Microwave (Wireless Communication & Radar)

  3. Semiconductor Process Equipment

  4. Solar Cell

  5. Hybrid Electric Vehicles

  6. Automobile Sensor Ceramic substrate

  7. LED TV/LED light

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