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Statement of Conflict of Minerals


Jentech bases on the Corporate Social Responsibility, the international justice, and the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, H.R. 4173 passed by USA, also, in order to avoid using the Conflict of Minerals in the raw material and the process of production, we convey to our suppliers that we care about the issue of Conflict of Minerals. 
Although, Jentech doesn’t need to purchase the minerals directly, and our suppliers also don’t need to purchase the mineral from the conflict mining area directly; however, Jentech will keep conveying our statement that we won’t use conflict of minerals to our suppliers. At the same time, we ask our suppliers to ensure that the raw material they use in their products won’t cause the conflicting issue.

The Statement of the Conflict of Minerals


Jentech will not support, use metal from the armed conflict, illegal mine, and inferior working environment , conflict affected and high-risk areas (CAHRAs) and OECD Annex II Risk what is called (Conflict minerals) to the suppliers. The suppliers of Jentech should investigate their products which contain Au、Ta、Sn、W 、Co and they have to know that where these minerals come from.

About using the conflict of minerals in the electronic product and where are these minerals come from, Jentech will keep focusing on this issue and asking suppliers to investigate this problem and provide their information to improve the shock of the conflict of the minerals.

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