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From prototype to high volume production, Jentech’s innovative manufacturing approach is guaranteed to bring a new level of competitiveness to your Global Supply Chain. Fully integrated Design, Tooling, Stamping, Insert Molding, Injection Molding, Blasting, Plating, Machining and Assembly operations, enable Jentech to deliver superior value to our customers and minimize your total cost of ownership, while reducing cycle times. Its never been easier to access Jentech’s products and services, with operations and facilities in the United States, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia, we are where you want us when you need us. This expanding global footprint not only provides for convenient support, it also enables us to manage the most cost effective supply chain imaginable.


Using Jentech’s broad range of in-house capabilities—precision metal stamping, plating, plastic injection molding, and insert molding as well as product assembly—can help to simplify your supply chain management by:

• Reducing product development and manufacturing costs
• Accelerating product time-to-market
• Focus on your core business while Jentech handles the manufacturing details
• Coordinating schedules to ensure timely delivery of your product

Jentech provides tooling, precision metal stamping custom insert molding, injection molding, and assembly solutions for medical, consumer electronics, semiconductor, automotive, appliance, and micro electronic markets to a wide variety of industries throughout the world. Meticulous planning and flawless execution, from concept to production, distinguish us as a world class organization and exemplify our mind set of delivering precision and quality in a timely fashion throughout every phase of product development and production. Contact Jentech Global today to “Unlock your global purchasing potential” and see how we can offer you the most competitive Metal Stampings, Injection Moldings, and Assemblies available.


Core Products


  • Thermal Heat Spreader

  • Semiconductor Leadframe

  • SMD LED Leadframe

  • EV Power Module Cooler

  • EMI Sheilding Case

  • RF coaxial connector

  • TV Tuner Metal Chassis

  • HDD and Floppy Drive Components

  • DPC Thin-film Ceramic Substrate Components

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