Jentech owns over 20 years of experience in the precision turned and milled parts industry. We offers various products of CNC machining and Screw machining, and have a wide variety of secondary operations including lapping, milling, tapping, cross cutting, drilling, knurling. Our staff have years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality management and inspection.


We also have a number of qualified outside vendors with years of experience for plating, heat treating process.


We have the capability and experience to manufacture precision machined parts out of almost any type of material. We have worked extensively with carbon and alloy steels, many grades of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless, plastics, and exotic metals.


We also have a wide variety of inspection equipment including Non-touched 2.5D measurement systems, Touched 3D measurement systems, manual inspection pin gages and ring gage, profilometers and more.