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Thermal Capabilities

Jentech has complete thermal management technologies to provide customers with complete thermal solutions. The company's services include thermal design, prototype testing, and manufacturing.

Thermal Design

Our team of Ph.D. level thermal engineers have decades of experience developing a wide range of thermal solutions from automotive to 3C (computer, communication, and consumer electronics). After we communicated the goals and constraints of the thermal design with our customers, we use Solidworks Flow Simulation to simulate the best thermal solution. The team's areas of expertise include:

  • Heat Spreader and Stiffener with material selections

  • Heat sink and Cold plate

  • Heat pipe and Vapor Chamber



We make samples and test them according to the thermal solution design. It is important to confirm that the function of the sample design meets the requirements of the final product. Jentech has test equipment and instruments to ensure that the sample meets three main factors:

  • Performance

  • Productivity

  • Production cost


Production Manufacturing

The Jentech team is very knowledgeable about the operation of manufacturing. Products can meet quality requirements and fast lead times, and are cost competitive. Our factories in Taiwan and China have long-term mass production capabilities and experience. The manufacturing methods we often use include:

  • Stamping/Forging

  • CNC Machining

  • Cold Plate Brazing

  • Insert Molding

Product application

There are two main types of Jentech's products.

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