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Thermal Solution Product application

Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS)


IHS is the metal cover of the CPU processor that protects the chip and provides a path for heat spreading.

Vapor Chamber (VC)


Vapor chamber is a thin planar phase-changing heat transfer device with higher thermal performance to IHS

Pin Fin Heat Sink

Pin Fin.jpg

The IGBT Power module comes with a Pin-Fin baseplate for direct liquid cooling which significantly improves the thermal cycles capability and extends the lifetime. The Pin-Fin baseplate with its excellent cooling properties enables a very high power density of the package.

Alsic/Copper Moly Spacer


The dies of the double side cooled power module are dissipated on the front side by alloy spacers. It has proper thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient and solder ability.

ECU cold plate


Water cooling plate for computing analysis images and data processors in driverless vehicles.

Battery cold plate


The cold plate is used to control the temperature of the lithium battery of the electric vehicle to ensure performance and life. The cold plate is designed according to the battery form.

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