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Company provide multiple competitive compensation system and willing to generously sharing the operational profit with our staffs


1. Fixed Pay:

Annual package including 12-month base salary

2. Bonus Program:

We offer all kinds of bonus to reward staffs with outstanding performances.  Company will base on the operational profit, personal performance and organizational target achievement to determine the bonus releasing.

3. Profit Sharing Bonus:

To thank the employees’ contribution for the company, we offer generous employee bonus reward system.  Employee bonus reward and compay operational profit, teamworking performance and personal performance are directed connected.


Remarks: All of the above are the summary of company rules.  Individuals salary and benefits items are to follow by the employment contract and work rules.  If things are adjusted in the future, the new one or amended one shall be followed.


Employee Benefits

Company will offer perfect and high quality welfare policy to take care of our employees,we will offer welfare as below:


1. Insurance and Retirement

Insurance, healthy insurance and monthly retirement fund thru law, we also offer group general insurance to give more group protection.

2. Provide your Assistance Program
We offer fix term of employees health check up and healthy program, we offer employees daily life and work services consultant, hospital check services for all employees.

Different kind of allowance and gives, for example:hospital, marriage, born baby, birthday, special holiday allowance or bonus.

3. Emphasized your Development

We take care the employees educational training, encouraging study programs, we offer allowance for employees educational training fee.

4. Brilliant your Lives
We emphasized employees body and mind balance, for example:more activities and encouraging join different activities, we offer allowance for tour, new year's activity,family day......etc.
5.Care of your Life
Offer employees free lunch and dinner, offer motorcycle, auto park place
Employee Benefit
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