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Trainging Development Strategy

We believe every employee can be company asset through training, furthermore be the core competition of the company and push the company and employee growth.  We promise our employees to have systematic and professional training, nurture and guide.  We provide the proper sources to let each employee gain multiple techniques  and knowledge to achieve company assignments efficiently as to promote the production.  So set the training development strategy and training development target:


  • As TTQS as the training quality target to combine the company vision, mission, core value and strategy target setting is the point of our yearly training development.

  • Upholding that human resources is the basis of the company to build to multi-development training system of the company.

  • Continue raising human resources quality to enhance corporational  competitiveness to reach the  sustainability goal of the company


 Training Development Goal

  • Build internal training material data and internal training cases to provide enough data sources for the future training

  • Based on the training personnel (ex: mid-high supervisors, supervisors, regular employees and newcomers etc…) to do training, to ensure all staffs’ abilities meets the company’s needs

  • Do a certified skill training and exam for the first line operators every year to provide good human resources and ensure product quality.





















Mutilple Learning Channels


1. On job training

Learning while working, including attending work meeting/ plan and operation/ assignments…etc.

2. Internal training

Attend the annual training project or professional training that planned by the human resources department.

3. On site training

Assign to attend training, seminars or business trip aboard that related to work.

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