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     Jentech is committed to working with you to provide long-range, economical solutions that will take your product to market quickly, efficiently, and competitively. Jentech’s advanced computer controlled molding systems help provide customers with complex insert molded and reel to reel molded parts with great attention to quality at competitive price.


We offer the latest technology in vertical and horizontal molding to provide customers with :


  • Reel-to-reel insert molding, rotary insert molding, a shuttle insert molding and production of diverse products including automotive sensors, SMD LED Leadframe, and electrical connectors. 

  • Complex sensoring and vision systems ensure mold safety and product quality.

  • Terminals can be separated during molding.

  • For mold design, Jentech employs top CAD packages and Solid-Work.

  • Extremely small and complex, as well as larger insert molded parts can be economically and consistently produced in a continuous fashion, with little or no need for added labor.

  • In line forming, cutoff, and/of packaging operations.

  • Parts can be delivered on a reel, or loose and custom packaged in boxes, trays, tape, and reel, etc.

  • A combination of different leadframes can be molded simultaneously.

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