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Due to our long-standing expertise in development and production, Jentech is in a position to offer to all our customers optimum individual tool solutions.


  • All tooling is built in-house, you can get the highest possible quality, without any costly markups or delays.

  • We have the most progressive equipment available, including wire EDM, CNC machining, and visual grinders.

  • Every die Jentech manufactures undergoes a comprehensive review and is fully tested in our manufacturing facilities, so you are assured of receiving a tool that will immediately produce quality metal stampings and molded components.

  • All advancing dies and molds are equipped with the most sophisticated sensing and vision systems to ensure tool safety and product quality.

Tooling Specialties : 

  • Progressive Dies 

  • Deep Draw dies 

  • Coining Dies 

  • Trim Dies


  • Form Dies

  • Injection Molds

  • Replacement Mold Components

  • Replacement OEM Components

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